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Hey there, Global Girl. It’s nice to meet you.

We are the leadership team of Global Girls Bible Study!


Fort Worth Team:
{from left to right: Holly, Bailey the Dog, Jenny, Beth and Hannah Beth)


 Jenny Kutz 
Joy to the World!
Hi- my name is Jenny. It is a joy to get to be part of this Global Girl Team as a minister. Every week, I get to speak to world changers. How cool is that?? I think one of the greatest things about this group of girls is that we come from all over, with all different backgrounds, but come together for one purpose: our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is all that matters. The times we have had in the Lord so far is so refreshing. I would love for you to join us!  Get a group of girls together in front of your computer, with your Bible, your journal,  some coffee or tea, and of course some cake. Get ready to adore Jesus. Get ready for God to speak. xo



t: @jennyolivia


HannahBeth Folden
Image 1

Hello beautiful sister,
My name is Hannahbeth, and I am thrilled that you have stopped by Global Girls. This ministry began fall of 2010 as a group of girls meeting in Jenny’s home.  We gathered as a group of strangers, but the Lord was up to something.  In a year’s time, we have formed more than friendships; we have gained a sisterhood united in prayer, the Word, and worship.  During the summer of 2011, the Lord placed YOU in our hearts.  As we embarked into this ministry, we desired one thing:  to glorify Jesus and unite sisters globally.  Sisters, we have sweet times with Jesus ahead of us!  I look forward to meeting you, and we have you in our prayers.  You are loved.



t: @hannahfolden


Beth Ballinger

Hola! Gutentag! Salut! Howdy! My name is Beth Ballinger and I am so excited to be a part of the Global Girls Bible Study Team! Literally, girls from all around the globe, united by one thing: Jesus. I believe it’s no accident that you stumbled across our page and I pray that our times together refresh, challenge and encourage you. You are so dear to us and I think it’s so cool that the same Holy Spirit lives in each of us, uniting us like nothing else can, even when we’re miles apart. So, jump right in, the water’s fine!  Worship with us, sing with us, pray with us, and grow with us! Join us every other Tuesday for intimate times of worship and Bible study as we look into the face of our sweet Jesus and allow Him to take us deeper still…


t: @becauseofhymn

Holly Isely


Well, Hello there! My name is Holly and I am so excited you’re here! What an exciting time this is – to be sisters in the Lord! It’s such a blessing to be a part of the Global Girls team. Having joined up with Global Girls in March of 2011, I am continually amazed at what the Lord has done and is still doing! Uniting with so many sweet sisters and friends is so much fun! Having the opportunity to encourage each other in the enlargement of our vision for the future and raising our expectations is such a blessing. We are so pumped that you’re here and ready to gear up for the things the Lord has in store for us.


t: @hollyisely



Melina Stamati 

Hello to all! My name is Melina and i am from Greece. It’s such a blessing for me to be part of the Global Girls team and although so far away i realize that there is a great power of us getting connected to lift up Jesus! There is a power in us uniting as girls that goes beyond ourselves and it’s changing nations, cultures, lives for such a time as this! This is our time as never before to rise, to declare freedom to the captives! The world is waiting for God’s daughters to arise! God has an amazing plan for you! I have been encouraged again and again by watching every single live broadcast, so i want to encourage you to be part of it wherever you are and bring friends. Who knows how far our voice and impact can go when we come together?! So excited for this! Love to all xx

Contact :

t: @melsta28



Stay tuned to meet more of the Global Girls team!


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